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President's Message Aug/Sept 2022

Hello Ladies and Happy Summer,

The Glendora Woman’s Club had an exciting July luncheon honoring our 54-year member, Joan Hallidy. Mayor Karen Davis spoke about Joan’s contributions and left Joan an attractive Certificate of Recognition from the city. A plaque was given to Joan, recognizing her 54 years of documenting our Woman’s Club history. The plaque will be placed over the History Room door in the Clubhouse.

It was enjoyable having a luncheon in July and another chance to get together. We had several special people join us that represented Joan Hallidy’s many service organizations, such as the Kiwanians, the Glendora Community Coordinating Council, the Historic Society and more.

To top off the luncheon we had an actress, writer, singer Synthia Hardy, play Billie Holiday. As Billie, she told some stories and sang two songs. We are hoping to present the Billie Holiday one-woman play in the near future as a fundraiser when we acquire a better sound system.

The air conditioning system condensation backed up and caused another leak in our clubhouse. The problem has been solved for $364.00. A rerouted condensation system was put into place and the old pipe was capped. The damage to the ceiling was minimal because we caught the problem in time, thanks to Melissa, our caterer and house rental chairman. Ryan and Melissa Ingram have saved our clubhouse from certain disaster by finding the two leaks from our rusted pipes this summer. It was an expensive repair, but it could have been much worse. The Clubhouse has all new pipes, including sewage pipes. With new pipes, roof and interior painting, our Clubhouse is in good shape.

More plans for our Clubhouse are on our wish-list, but exterior painting and colorful landscaping will have to wait for more fundraisers. Carolyn Cunningham and her team are working tirelessly to bring about our successful Luau fundraiser September 24th, 2022. Be sure you purchase your tickets and bring your friends. Buy raffle tickets ahead of time to save a few dollars.

Feel Free to call or text me anytime with questions or ideas.

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