The Glendora Woman's Club has Four Departments:


Cards: Meets 2nd Monday at 12:00 noon - Tea Room

Potpourri: Meets 2nd Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. - Tea Room

Garden & Crafts: Meets 3rd Tuesday at 12:00 noon - Tea Room

Music & Drama: Meets Monthly at 11:00 a.m. - Various Restaurants

Incorporated in 1909

The Glendora Woman's Club in 1915...

Organized in 1908

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The Clubhouse



Several lots were offered to them for a clubhouse location, including one offered free of charge by George Whitcomb, the city's founder, but they had definite thoughts in mind and wanted a particular location. As a result of their flurry of activities, including a series of card parties held in 1917 and a concert by the world-renowned vocalist, Ellen Beach "Lark Ellen" Yaw, they raised enough money to purchase the lot at 424 N. Michigan (now Glendora) Avenue for the price of $350.


After purchasing the lot, they had had to raise money for the construction of their building. One of the ways they raised money as through a subscription contest, held by the Los Angeles Examiner. The club sold enough subscriptions to win the prize of a Cadillac (which they then sold for $1,892.00). Bidding instruction stressed, "Only contractors who are residents or property owners in Glendora are eligible to bid." On June 4, 1912 they accepted the low bid of $5,600 for construction of the clubhouse from R. M. Goebel. Plans were prepared by T.W. Wamsley. Total cost of construction ran $6,136.40 and with furnishing was $7,873.14.


On November 5, 1912, just 3 1/2 years from their initial gathering, the members held their first meeting in their new clubhouse...

The Glendora Woman's Club has Celebrated 100 Years of Service to Our Community!