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GLENDORA----At recent program for the Glendora Woman's Club featured guest speaker Steven Bluitt Flowers, Executive Vice President of the Glendora Historical Society. His program titled "Early History of Glendora" included a slide presentation of historical photos and their special history, said program vice president Helen Storland.

For more than 21 years, beginning in 1996, Flowers has been active in the Glendora Historical Society, first serving as a museum docent. Since that time, he has served on the executive board, and has led and been a member of many committees and special projects.

Currently, Flowers is working with the Preservation Foundation in the preserving of history and the sharing of common goals.  His newest endeavor is helping to get the lights turned on in the Historic Lighting District, according to the society's newsletter.

For his longtime volunteer efforts and service, Flowers has recently received two special awards--the Founder's Award fro the Glendora Coordinating Council, said Mrs. Storland.

The Glendora Woman's Club's early history beginning in 1908, the year the club was organized, fit right in with Flowers' program, as the Woman's Club is included in the Historical Society's brochure titled "Glendora Pride Downtown Walking Tour," said Mrs. Storland.

The Society's Walking Tour brochure featured photos, history, and location of the society's 22 designated historic monuments-picture plaques that are located in Glendora.

For the Woman's Club's special honor and write-up in the brochure, the photo published was that of the club's first clubhouse built in 1912 by R.M. Goebel Co. of Glendora and was located at the same as today's clubhouse.

Also in that same year in 1912, the Woman's Club founded the Glendora Public Library through Ordinance No 43, as documented in 1912 City Records of minutes of the Board of Trustees of the City of Glendora.

The Woman's Club's special historic monument-picture plaque present by the Glendora Historical Society is located in front of the clubhouse at 424 N. Glendora Avenue in Glendora, said Club President Chris Lear, and noted the honor and newspaper coverage at the time.

Following guest speaker Flower's special program on Glendora's Early History to the 1920s, he answered questions from clubmembers and said he was planning future programs that would also focus on Glendora's history

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